Bathroom Shenanigans

I’ve been away for a while. I’m entering into a new stage of life and its taken most of my time these past three months. During this time it seems like our fairies just disappeared. Maybe, they knew something was up with my change of job and the resulting new daily routines? Or maybe they just went somewhere else?

I think that fairies get bored with the same old routines. And I think they get bored with us humans sometimes. So their job is to rescue us from the boredom, by any means necessary. And sometimes that means going into our private places and disrupting what should just be habit. We’ve had stuff happen in our bathrooms before, but for the past week we’d get up in the morning and head to what most of us head to in the morning, the toilet. And there it was. An entire roll of toilet paper piled up on the floor, totally unrolled and just a mess. At first I thought it was our cat, but on further inspection there weren’t any claw marks. Just mounds and mounds of untouched, yet unrolled TP.

After a few days of this I began thinking “fairies”. So I set up the trusty camera trap and sure enough, the next morning look at what was on the camera. Those two fairies, Lilly and Elda, are working together to unravel my Charmin. And Lilly is being cheeky about it. They know I know and they are having a blast with it. I must say, that I’m glad they are back. It makes life a bit more intriguing. But I’d like to now have to try and re-roll my toilet paper every morning. 

TP Fairies