Report No. 19 — Hello

I’m a pretty sound sleeper. Actually I sleep like a rock. Ask my wife. Nothing wakes me up once I’m snoring. I’ve even slept through a tornado. But that’s another story.

As a heavy sleeper I rarely remember my dreams. I know I dream, because two or three times a year I’ll wake up in mid-dream. Then I’ll remember. This is exactly what happened to me last Tuesday.

I was dreaming that I heard a noise in the living room and I went to investigate. There was just a lamp on, so I went over to turn it off. That’s when I saw her. Out popped Elda, smiling. She didn’t say anything. She just bowed and smiled. I did the same.

“Hello” I said.

With that she stuck out her hand, as if to shake. I offered my finger since she’s so tiny. She then grabbed my finger with both of her hands and gave me a small, but hardy shake.


I woke up. I ran into the living room. The lamp I had just been dreaming about was on the floor, broken. And my camera was on the tripod. Strange, I don’t remember setting up the tripod.

As you can see in this week’s photo, there’s Elda shaking my finger. Now the question is, did I actually meet her awake, or did I sleepwalk or did she somehow dream craft the image? I don’t know, but it is nice to think we met, even if it might have been just a dream.