Report No. 18 — Morning Dew

In middle September, our Yucca plants start to sprout tall stalks that quickly produce beautiful white flowers. They are visually stunning in our garden.

I decided this year I would take a few photos of them, so I grabbed the old tripod and camera and setup early one morning. As I was getting the shot lined up, I decided I needed a cable release, so I ran back into the house to get one. I came back and spent the next 15 or 20 minutes shooting the flowers at all different angles.

Later that afternoon in my office, I transferred the images to my computer. That’s when I discovered something odd in the first shot. There in the morning light was Elda caressing a flower petal. She must have flown in while I was getting the cable release. And she knows how to use the timer on my camera, or she used magic to trigger it. However she did it, I really like how this photo turned out. And now I know that fairies go in and out of our house pretty much at will. Just one more thing I’ve learned.