Report No. 16 — Fire Starter


Have you ever seen a gas explosion?

Well I have. Up close. And it was scary.

At our old house we had a gas starter on our fireplace. The first time I went to use it, I turned the gas on, just a little, but I took too long to strike the match. When I finally did, whoosh, boom, I had ignited a small gas ball in front of my face. Thank God, it was mostly contained in the fireplace. Except for the part that singed my hair. Yep, I almost blew myself up.

That is why I’m overly cautious about gas heaters, fireplaces and cooking ranges. So, you’ll understand why this week’s image is making me really nervous. What is Elda the fairy doing to our gas range? Is she repairing something? Or is she booby-trapping the thing. I’m nervous to even turn on the range, for fear it will explode.

What should I do?