Report No. 17 — The Armory

For the past couple of months or so we’ve noticed that a few forks and knives have gone missing. We searched the house thinking maybe our daughter had left plates and utensils in her room or in the entertainment area of our home. But we just haven’t been able to find them.

Then, as if by magic, all of our knives and forks were back in our flatware drawer.

This cycle of disappearing and reappearing flatware continued for weeks. One night after making sure all of the flatware was in the drawer, I set a photo trap just to see if a fairy might be up to no good.

The next morning I had my proof.

Elda the fairy was holding one of the forks. She was smiling, looking up at its sharp tips with pride. My theory is she’s using our flatware as weapons or tools. And I’m convinced she is treating our kitchen as her own personal armory. Just shows that one man’s fork is another fairy’s lance.