Report No. 14 — Inspired

Sometimes the words for this report don’t come easily. I am a visual person, not a wordsmith. I need to keep myself motivated, so I borrowed a friend’s old typewriter just to try something different. Ya know, shake things up a bit.

The typewriter he loaned me is an old Oliver No. 5. It’s a beautiful machine. Elegantly industrial, with exposed keys arranged in two towers that allow the typist to see the keys coming down to strike the page. It’s is a very tactile sensation, unlike typing on a computer keyboard. It takes effort to type on an Oliver. Much like keeping up with this report, I’ve got to put some umpf into it.

Late one night, after working on the Oliver, while staring at a blank sheet of paper, I dozed off in my chair. While napping, I dreamed that writing my report came effortlessly. Words flowed out of my fingers, like a river bursting over a waterfall. I produced report after report in record time. The sound of the keys striking the paper was a musical symphony of nouns, adjectives and adverbs.

It was a beautiful noise—a noise that woke me up.

Wiping the drool off my chin, I looked up to see that a line had been typed on the blank paper in front of me.


HUH? That page was blank when I fell asleep. And what is my camera doing on my desk?

I picked up my camera. It was on. And there was a new photo on it. There was Elda jumping on the “H” key. She had been typing. And she took her own photo. A fairy selfie.  

Now I am convinced these fairies know what I’m doing. And they want me to keep it up. They are even trying to inspire me.

Mark me “INSPIRED”.