Report No. 13 - Weight Watcher

I’ll start off exactly like I did last week with the question: Girls will be girls, right?

This time in reference to weight. As in how much they weigh. Seems like women of all ages are obsessed with their weight. They order salads at steak restaurants, drink smoothies that look like green goop, and work out constantly, just so they can fit into a new pair of jeans.

And it seems that fairies are the same.

Here’s proof. Sitting on top of some kitchen scales is Elda and she doesn’t look too pleased with her results. The scales show her weight is two ounces. I mean, come on, two ounces. That ain’t nothing. But to her, you’d think she weighed two hundred pounds. Wonder if she’s trying to squeeze into a new pair of leggings or fairy jeans? She sure is freaked out about something.

It’s times like these, that I realize I’m not that into my weight. Yea, I diet once in awhile and I try to work out, but I don’t freak out when I see the scales. Well, not too much.