Report No. 12 - Powder Puff Fairy

Girls will be girls, right? Taking long baths, fixing their hair and make up — if your girls are anything like mine, they can create a fairly substantial mess in the process. The bathroom in our house can look like a small hurricane has blown through after one of our girls finishes getting ready for her night on the town.

TRUTH: Our girls getting ready for a date = disaster in the washroom. And I’ve discovered that this truth applies to girls who aren’t even two inches tall.

BACKGROUND: Our youngest daughter’s bathroom has been more disastrous than usual the past few months. I know, why didn’t I notice after just a few weeks?  Honestly, I’m not that observant about certain issues, like the cleanliness of bathrooms. But when I finally realized I’d complained three times in three days, it hit me. Some of those days our daughter wasn’t even home.

And then it struck me. Could one of those little pixies being sabotaging my daughter’s bathroom?

It was time for some sneaky photo work.

After setting up some makeup out on the counter, I aimed the camera directly at the makeup brushes. I was just guessing that those soft little bristles might be enticing to the fairies. Why? Because, we’ve found brushes and powder and mascara out every morning for over a week. Seemed like a no brainer idea, really.

It worked the very first night. And I believe the little fairy knew that I was taking her photo because she posed. This is the second time that I’m for certain that the fairies posed.

They know what I’m doing.

Now I wonder if I can entice them out when I’m awake? Can I converse with them? Or get them to communicate? Or are they just toying with me and have no intention of doing more than play tricks on our family? Only time will tell.