Report No. 11 - Warrior Fairy

Even though we’ve had a fairy living in our house these past few months, I’m still fascinated by her. I’ve only scratched the surface of research on her.

And now, I’ve discovered another fairy, who seems so different from our little Lilly.

Admittedly, this new fairy may have been around this whole time that I’ve been setting up my photo traps. So, I’ve redoubled my efforts to photograph the little pixies.

That means more photographic equipment and rigging to create elaborate hidden cameras all over our home. Needless to say, my wife thinks I’m a bit crazy.

I decided to start thinking outside the box and set up more unusual staging to entice the fairies to interact. One such setup involved using an old sewing kit. It’s a simple and crafty looking box with frilly fringe and overly-ornate fabric on the outside, with the basic threads, needles, scissors and thimbles on the inside.

Lilly would love this set up, I was for sure of it.

So, I was bit surprised when the new fairy that I caught a pic of a few weeks before showed up. There she was, standing tall, with needle in hand like a warrior with a spear. And she was posing. POSING for the camera. She knows exactly what’s going on. I’m convinced of it. Why else would she be striking that pose and looking straight into the lens?

Now that I have the full look at this new fairy, I can see that she is definitely more athletic looking. On her face she wears warrior markings. Maybe that’s what she is–a warrior. Well I’ve decided to call her Elda. I think it fits her. Don’t you?