Report No. 10 - Movie Night


Raiders of the Lost Ark. Star Wars. The Goonies. Superman. Big. Harry Potter.

Yep, I love the movies. Especially the escapist type of movies. And I own most of them on DVD and Blu-ray. My family loves to spend an evening curled up on the coach with popcorn and blankets to watch a great flick on our TV. It’s pure pleasure for us.

Now it appears our little fairy likes the same thing. And to top it off, she likes to have company when she enjoys her home cinema. As you can see in the photo above, Lilly is sitting in our living room on the remote control, watching some kind of sci-fi flick.

And she’s not alone.

Another fairy is with her. Who she is, I don’t know. Does she live here with Lilly? I haven’t caught her in any photo traps until this one, which I set up before we went out to the movies on Friday night. Maybe she’s just visiting.

From first appearances, she is different from Lilly in several ways. First is the hair. It is straight and organized, unlike Lilly’s wild curly mane. This new fairy also appears taller, but it’s hard to tell from the angle of this photo. She definitely seems more athletic just from the broadness of her shoulders. And her wings, though similar to Lilly’s, are more transparent and a different color and construction. As for her dress, I just can’t make that out much from this angle. I’m going to have to be sneakier with my photo traps if I’m to catch this new fairy.

Stayed tuned to see if I have any luck in grabbing a shot of the mystery fairy