Special Report: Patriotic Fairy

When you walk into our home, we have an entry table with a lamp, books, candles and a small bust of President Abraham Lincoln. Like most Americans, Lincoln is my favorite leader. He served during the most trying time in our country — our Civil War. He knew the country needed to heal and become one again to survive. He had hard opposition, but he held steadfast in his beliefs that “All men are created equal.” I choose to honor him with the little likeness of him at the front of our home.

It seems like our little fairy understands Lincoln’s significance, because here she is saluting our greatest President in our entryway. She may be a little pixie, but she sure has a big respect for Lincoln. So do fairies, concern themselves with our world that much? Do they care about the functioning of our government? I don’t know. But it strikes me that this fairy, for one, concerns herself with what our family cares about.

And this day we care about our country.

This weekend is the Fourth of July Holiday — a date that resonates deeply with Americans. It’s our national Independence Day. Most Americans celebrate it with food, family, friends and fireworks. Lots of fireworks. However you celebrate it, I wish you a happy Fourth of July. And remember, even fairies take time out to honor our country. You should too.