Report No. 8 – Out of Town. Out Of Tune.

First of all, let me state this fact. I am not a musician. I can’t play a note on any instrument. I can barely carry a tune when singing. There, that disclaimer is out of the way.

I have lots of friends who are wonderful musicians. One of them, my buddy Dale, is a mean guitar player. Every time we visit Dale and his wife, I love looking at his guitars hanging on the wall. I appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the design of these instruments of sound. I love it when Dale gets one down, starts to pluck the strings and creates that wonderful, laid–back music that just fits his personality.

Recently on a visit I set up a shoot of one of his gorgeous guitars (an extreme close up of the head), but before I finished it, we got caught up in playing a game. So I left the setup overnight.

The next morning when I went to finish the photo, I noticed someone had tinkered with my camera. That was curious. But I finished the shoot and packed everything up for the trip home.

Once home, I downloaded the photos and to my utter surprise, there was one photo with Lilly.  What? Lilly was at Dale’s house? She must have ridden along in our car. My theories about this fairy are being challenged. I thought fairies stuck to their realm or neighborhood. But here was proof that she tagged along on our road trip. Was she hiding in our luggage? Was she in our glove box or trunk? Did she fly along side of us? Or did she just magically transport to our location?

She must have set up the timer on my camera to take her own selfie. Does that means she’s aware of what I’m doing?

Finally, what was she doing to Dale’s guitar? It looks to me like she was trying to throw it out of tune. But again, I'm no musician, so I’m not for sure. (See disclaimer at the top of the page.)