Report No. 7 – Security Fairy

Like most people in our neighborhood, we have a security system. We’ve had a security system for about twenty plus years. Security systems are great for piece of mind. Set the alarm before going to bed and no one is walking into your house at night unannounced. Set it when you leave the home and if someone breaks in the police are notified and we get a text message on our phone.

Security systems are great!

Except when we forget to set them.

I’ve been known to forget the alarm when in a hurry to leave on vacation. And there have been times we’ve forgotten to set it at night. I’ve been forgetful lately about setting the little techno guard. But to my surprise, when I’ve come home, the alarm is set. Could it be? Is that little fairy looking out for us?

I set up one of my photo traps this weekend and purposefully did not set the alarm when we left for the movies. Sure enough when we walked through the door after the movie, our alarm beeped. Someone had set the alarm. Unfortunately, my camera didn’t go off. So I tried again the next night when we went out to eat. Nothing on the camera, but the alarm had been set.

I kept trying for weeks to get a pick of what was happening with our security system. My wife thought I was overreacting. But, I was sure it was that fairy. She was just out smarting my photo trap. But I’m a persistent person and so I kept trying to spring the trap.

Finally, after two weeks of leaving the house unprotected, I got the shot. It’s the first one of the little pixie actually in flight. Maybe that’s why my trap wasn’t working? Maybe she flies really fast. However she does it, we now know that we are not only protected by the technology of our security system, but by the magic of a little fairy.