Report No. 6 - Splish Splash

My wife has been complaining lately about my side of the bathroom. Namely my sink area. She says I’m leaving it in a mess, with water everywhere.

Now I’m not the neatest person in the world, and I can make quite a mess when I’m washing my face and shaving, so I started to really pay attention to keeping my area of the bathroom clean. Hey, when the wife asks, I try to accommodate.

For the first few days I heard nary a word from my wife about any bathroom messes. On day three that changed. “You did it again,” said she, “Left the bathroom in BIG mess for me to clean up.”

Uh oh! I know for a fact I cleaned up everything before leaving for work that morning. Then I thought, “Could it be?” So I set up a photo  trap in our bathroom and asked my wife to not use it at all the next day.

That evening after work we both went into the bathroom together and discovered water everywhere around my sink. I immediately checked the camera and there she was—Lilly on top of the faucet kicking her feet in the running water having a grandtime. We guess she’s taking a bath or freshening up. Maybe she’s just having fun messing up our clean bathroom. Whatever she’s doing, I’d like her to stop. But how do you get a fairy to stop?

Anyone have an idea of how to curtail fairy activity in one’s home? This little fairy is starting to get on our nerves a bit.

P.S. This is her first appearance during the daytime. Maybe my earlier assumption about her nocturnal nature is off the mark?