Report No. 5 – A Sticky Situation

I’ve been working a lot in my home office lately. I really enjoy my cozy little workspace with its built-in bookshelves covered with all of my geeky Disney and SciFi stuff. I have my favorite pictures of my family on the shelves, a replica of Yoda’s lightsaber that looks and sounds real, and my framed Walt Disney Company stock certificate. All of that surrounds my desk that is home to my computer, scanner and huge hard drive array that handles all of my digital files.

This is my man cave.

Yet lately, I feel it’s been invaded. The other morning I came into the office and found my mouse across the room on the third shelf up. Later that same week, one of my favorite coffee table books on Disney Animation was opened to Marc Davis’ drawings of Tinker Bell. How the heck did it get down from the shelf to my floor? I was sure someone was pulling my leg.

I asked my wife and daughters if they’d been messing around my office and each one of them denied ever stepping foot in there the past month. “It’s your man cave, dad. I’d never violate that sacred ground,” said my youngest daughter. So, I decided to set up one of my photo traps with an added twist. I was going to lay some sticky tape down on the desk just to see what I’d catch.

The very next morning, I was rewarded with a surprising image on my camera. There, all caught and wrapped up in the sticky tape, was that little pixie, Lilly. She didn’t look too happy, but hey, that’s okay. She shouldn’t be messing with my stuff. Of course, she got away. She’s a fairy, after all. But I think she got the message, because over the last week, nothing in my office has moved. Maybe I should SET more sticky tape traps for her. Hmmm?