Report No. 2 – The Big Squeeze

My wife and I woke up this past Saturday to quite a mess in the bathroom. Toothpaste was everywhere. Looks like someone squeezed a whole tube of the stuff over our toothbrushes, then the hairbrushes, the sink and all of our toiletries.

Luckily I had set up a camera in the bathroom a couple of days before, so I checked it. Sure enough, there’s that pesky little House fairy jumping up and down on a tube of toothpaste. Sparkling white ribbons of paste spilled over the toothbrush. I can’t tell by her expression if she was happy or mad or just concentrating. Whatever her mood, she was definitely motivated to get that stuff out.

We’ve decided to start locking up our toothpaste and anything else that can be squeezed from a tube.

Observation #4: 

I think that fairies can’t resist tubes of anything without squeezing them empty. That’s my initial observation. I may have to set a small tube of something out just to test the theory. The smaller the tube, the smaller the mess — at least that’s what I hope.

Fairies. Small, but giant mess-makers.