Report No. 3 – Everything That Glitters

I believe that our House fairy is extremely attracted to glittery and shiny things. My wife has noticed some jewelry has gone missing, and at Christmas time we’ve discovered that we’ve lost some of the more sparkly ornaments. 

I decided to set up a photo trap for Lilly with a small jewelry box and bait it with some costume jewelry. It all was shiny and sparkly.

A few days later, voila, I had one image of her eyeing the prize in the box. Surprisingly, she didn’t take anything. It was like she was sniffing it out to see if anything was going to happen.

I left the trap up for a few more days, but moved the camera to get more of the jewelry box in the frame. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I’m so glad Idid, because I captured a pic of that little pixie taking the ring. Heck, I think she was posing for the camera, as she held high for everyone to see.

There’s proof that this little fairy loves anything that glitters.