Report No. 4 – The Update

Now that we all have smart phones, the one thing we tend to dread is the system update. Things can go wrong and cause our apps to not work and we can lose our contacts and emails. Until recently, I’ve dreaded the updates. They’ve just never gone smoothly for me. Arghh! Makes me want to throw the phones across the room.

But lately, things have been going smoothly. I thought the programmers must have finally gotten these updates right. Well, that’s what I thought, until this morning.  I found this pic on one of my camera photo traps. Yep, there’s that little fairy doing something spectacular to my smart phone. I’m not for sure exactly what she’s doing, but the past few weeks my phone has updated several times and everything is working normally and super fast.

Looks like Lilly is one heck of a smart phone whiz. I need to start leaving her treats or something at night. Hmmm? Sounds like an idea for another photo trap. Happy dialing, folks.