Report No. 1 – House Fairies

I don’t know much about fairies. I’ve seen the Disney movies and have read some fantasy stories, but I’ve never thought seriously about them. Who does? I was green when it came to fairy lore. So, I decided to chronicle my discoveries. I’ll begin with what I’ve observed.

Observation #1: 

House fairies, at least the one I’ve discovered, seem to be fairly solitary creatures. Our little fairy, whom I’ve named Lilly, prefers the comfort and amenities of our modern home over that of gardens and woods and nature.

Observation #2:

House Fairies are adept at operating and repairing modern technological devices such as cell phones, computers and televisions. WHO KNEW?  It seems they enjoy playing pranks on their human and animal roommates. Most of these pranks are harmless, but a few can get out of hand, causing major disruptions–even catastrophes. Like toothpaste all over the bathroom sink and all the stove burners turned on. However, it never seems to be the House fairy’s intent to do harm. But, like teenagers who like to pull pranks, sometimes fairies underestimate the ramifications of their actions.

Observation #3:

Our House fairy seems to be very protective of our home, our animals and our family. She seems to have formed a strong emotional bond with our kids, as they seem to have known about her way before my wife and I did. Once when questioning my youngest about how all of her dolls were out of her closet and set up all around her room as if they were in a dance party, she replied, “I didn’t do it. It was my fairy friend.” Now I know she wasn’t just pulling my leg. I believe that adults may have a hard time seeing the fairies, because, as adults we often loose the capacity to truly believe in the fantastical. At least that’s my theory.

One last thing about our little fairy: I’ve yet to catch her during the daytime. All of the activity I’ve caught her in has been at night. I have two theories about this:

1) She spends her daytime hours outside. I’m going to set up some photo traps in the garden and see if I get anything on the camera

2) She sleeps during the day, which means I need to find where she’s living in our home.

I’ll be reporting from time-to-time, so be sure to check back regularly to see what I discover as I search my home for more evidence of this little curiously mischievous fairy.