Introduction - It started one night

I’ve often wondered about what happens at night in my house when I’m asleep. Sometimes when I wake up, it seems that things are out of place, or just not right somehow–shoes aren’t exactly where I left them; glasses aren’t on my nightstand, the bookmark isn’t at the spot I left off reading the night before.

I know, you must be thinking that I just didn’t remember or maybe the wind blew the page over on the book, or I knocked my glasses off during a bad dream. I thought that too. I figured it was probably our cat, or perhaps one of my daughters just playing tricks on me. But things just kept happening that weren’t so easily explained. One morning, my computer opened to a website that I’ve never visited before–a site about the Fae (fairies).

So, I decided to investigate just what was happening at night in my house.

Luckily, I’m an amateur photographer, so, I created some photo traps for whatever or whoever was messing around my house at night. I set up some simple photo triggers and strategically placed my cameras in the areas where I noticed irregularities.

That night, with a camera aimed at my nightstand beside my bed, I placed my book and glasses before I went to sleep.

The next morning I was surprised to see that one frame had been taken on my camera. As I looked at the camera’s LCD screen, I couldn’t believe my eyes. But, there it was. Resting tiny arms on top of my glasses, with a glow and sparkles all around, was a tiny person. With wings. That’s a fairy. Yes, fairy.

This fairy looked just like a regular person, but she was about two inches tall. Her translucent wings, with hints of blue and gold sparkled. Her outfit was fairly hodgepodge: a makeshift shirt with some Steampunk looking vest over it, a frilly, but tattered skirt and the funkiest little pair of boots I’ve seen in awhile. To top it all off, a pair of goggles rested on her abundant, curly locks. She looked very little like the Disney fairies. She was more real–more gritty.  And she lived in our house.

I called her Lilly.